Friday, October 5, 2012

Outdoor Exlploring

How does it feel to explore outside?

Here are what some of our kids volunteered to say about going outdoorsHere

Justin: Out in Mother Nature.
Syanne: It felt like we were connecting with Mother Nature.  We were respecting the outdoors and helping Mother Nature live.
Abby: It felt cool and I really liked it.
Maika: It was cool to make things out of things off the ground.
Thomas: It's cool because you can climb up the sides of the hill.  And the hill goes on top and there is a pathway to go down.
Alethea: It is fun to make stuff from the ground.
Aaliya: It was cool and fun to make the bark look real.
Addison: When we were going down the hill we were scared, but it was fun.  We were holding hands to help each other.
Sheridan: When we were going down the hill we made a person out of sticks and pine cones.
Darien: It was fun sliding down the little hill with my friends.
Mabel: We were trying to make a house, but we didn't have time to finish it.  Next time we would like to build it again if it is not there.
Kimberly: Debbie showed us how to make a house.  We also made a bunk bed.
Luca: We were going sleding down the hill, it was slippery. We were surfing.
Chris: We were running up and down the hill.  It felt fun and fast.
Ben: I climbed up the hill like Spiderman.
Taylor:  We had a girl come and help us make a wall.  It was kinda like a door.  We were trying to not let the bears and coyotes in.

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