Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Being Brave!

As Mrs. Linde says... sometimes when learning we find we need to be brave and learn outside our comfort zone.  I can say that today I was definitely out of my comfort zone.  At one point before I was to get a dead fish out... I was thinking... hmmm why did I agree to do this????  Thanks to the cheering and support from our class I was able to take the risk and pick it out of the water.  Boy was it heavy!  That surprised me.  I had never lifted up such a large fish before.

What touched my heart?  My heart was touched to see and hear all the excitement the kids had about learning about the Salmon.  They were all so brave to touch the Salmon and it's body parts.

What surprised you? I was surprised that there were some Salmon eggs still left in the female.  Only about 12 out of the 4,000 she would have produced.  We could see the eye in the eggs!

I was also surprised that the insides were preserved so well and they didn't smell... boy the outside of the fish smelt BAD!

What made you think more deeply?  When one of the parents said, "Wow, look at all the budding Biologists!"  I wonder if any of the kids will remember today, many years down the road?  Who will become a Scientist? or Biologist? or an Environmentalist? or a Conservationist?

I was happy to have Mr. Bondi join us as he was a High School Biology Teacher for many years, and was able to explain what the body parts were and how they are used by the Salmon.  He was much better than the diagram I brought.

Here are some photos of Div. 18 exploring and being brave!

"What was I thinking????"

Gloves for everyone!

Hmmm.... ok this is gross!

Comparing and contrasting Male vs. Female

Look at those male teeth!

The gills are so fascinating! They feel so cool!

Boy it stinks!!!

Mr. Bondi just loves science!

Looking at all the body parts inside.

Hands on learning!

Look how precious a fish egg is.

Returning it back to nature.  We thanked the fish for helping our learning!

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