Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cross Country

Thank you to Mrs. Sinow and Ms. Wilson for all the hard work in organizing a school cross-country, especially since there is no District Cross Country this year!  Everyone loved getting a ribbon!!!  Thank you to all the parents who helped us out in the rain and then served the school hot lunch too!

We had all the grade one girls race and then all the grade one boys race!  Wow they are fast!!!

Enjoy some photos of our race.

Maika from our class coming in 1st!

Now for the boys...

Here is our class placements in the run!  Great effort everyone!!!

1st Maika
4th Kimberly
7th Mabel
8th Breanna
9th Ellie
11th Sheridan
15th Aaliya
17th Addy
25th Taylor


6th Justin
8th Thomas
10th Chris
12th Colby
18th Darien
21st Ben
24th Luca

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