Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gr.1s as School Leaders!

I am so proud of our Grade Ones and how they have taken on such a wonderful role in the school.   As some of you know, we have been cleaning up the garden and courtyard at the center of our school.  Now that the Story Pole is finished we can now start using the courtyard.  Over the past eight years that I have been at Yennadon the garden has looked the same.  Thank you to Aaliya, Breanna and Syanne for bringing in some bulbs to plant.  They will look so beautiful once we have the gardens ready!

As part of our Social Studies, building school community, roles and responsibility at school are all part of the Gr. 1 curriculum Our grade ones are setting a wonderful example for the whole school.

Making sure we keep the floor clean so we can garden.

Helping Mr. Bondi turn the soil.

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