Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teaching the Teachers!

Congratulations on Div. 18 doing a wonderful job of teaching over 20 teachers this past Tuesday!  I have received many thank you letters expressing how impressive and respectful our class is.  Everyone was so impressed with Div. 18's use of language and explaining their connections, wonderings and thinking.

Some of SmartLearning goals are for students to think deeply about stories using SmartLearning Tools and be able to coach/teach others.  Div. 18 inspired many teachers to go back to their class and try A/B partners, walk and talk, bubble thinking/inferencing, hidden object and whip around.  If you are not sure what these SmartLearning tools are, ask your child to show you... they are the experts :)

Sorry the blog has said I have too many photos.... Who me??? No!!!!  So until I figure out how to get more photo storage there will be no more photos :( But we will continue to update it.


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